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Support and friendship for families

Home-Start Camden & Islington

Support and friendship for families


Here is a selection of what people are saying about Home-Start Camden & Islington

From Parents

“I felt more support, love and understanding that I could have ever wished for”

“the best thing was seeing the change in my daughter. She made me more confident in going out alone with the children”

“I found having a disabled child very challenging and needed support.  Having a volunteer raised my self-esteem and motivation. My volunteer and I chatted and shared knowledge and I looked forward to the visits very much.”

“the service was fantastic, gave me hope and was a breath of fresh air, while I made myself better.  A very valuable service – highly recommended to anyone that needs support.”

“I was overwhelmed with my health issues and being a new mum…The support I received from my first volunteer was simply amazing.  She supported me with bathing and dressing my daughter, she would take her to the library while I was having my weekly rehabilitation session, we would go to drop-ins and sometimes, when I just needed a rest, she would take her to the park. In that year we built a great relationship, trust being at the centre of it.”

“An uplifting experience … when I needed it, it gave me time to think.  Every parent should have Home-Start, it’s a very valuable service in the community.”

“It’s a life changing experience.  Brilliant, fantastic. All the good words can’t describe this valuable empowering service.”

What parents are saying about Home-Start Camden and Islington

From Volunteers

“It has given me back my confidence”

“I found it really fulfilling. I learnt a lot, felt connected to my local community and felt I could give some practical and emotional support to a family”

“I felt very supported volunteering at HSC, the training was excellent and there was always help if any issues came up”

“An extra bonus has been to feel better about my own parenting skills and value what I do.”

“Families need you more than you may imagine. Just to have a family who said to me that they could not leave their home for two weeks and felt as if no-one cared about them. They appreciated how helpful and supportive Home-Start Camden has been.”

“I really enjoyed visiting my HSC family. I found it a privilege to go into people’s homes and try and help them. It really helped me with a view to becoming a social worker as I learnt a lot.”

“I really enjoyed my time with Home-Start Camden.  I enjoyed meeting different families and its given me a new start to life that is very valuable!”

“…it helped me build up my confidence in myself and to be able to get into university”

‘Now I have a job working full time supporting child care in Barnet 16-21.The HSC training and skills and my experience here has helped this.’

What volunteers are saying about Home-Start Camden and Islington

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