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Support and friendship for families

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Support and friendship for families



Banks and Bridges Walk

Contact us if you fancy getting a group of colleagues or friends to do a sponsored walk in aid of Home-Start Camden.  We provide you with the walk route, information, sponsor forms and you set this 2-3 hour walk along the Thames yourself.  Its fun and a great team event.  Contact us today!

If you want to do a sponsored marathon, run, walk or dance for Home-Start Camden, we will support you by providing information on the charity and help set up a personal or team MyDonate page for your fundraising event.  Contact us today!

General Fundraising Initiatives

If you wish to run your own event or participate in an event and raise money to help us we would like to help promote your event, please see our volunteering page on ways you can help, and also please contact us so we can help you.


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Training Courses

To find out when our next training event for family support volunteer is click here: Next Training Event 

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